Document Management and Scanning


Seattle, WA is regarded as one of the country’s greenest cities.  It is clear that Seattle residents care about the environment. Eco Papyrus’s document scanning and paper management services allow businesses’ to contribute to this effort and realize the advantages of “going green”. These advantages include saving:

  • The environment
  • Money
  • Resources
  • Time

The founders of Eco Papyrus derive their experience from a combined twenty years as Engineers in the Information Technology field. They developed a business model that sets them apart from the competition with its price structure and document scanning process.



Unique Price Structure


In order to offer their customers quality services at an affordable price, they came up with a simple, fixed-rate process. Most document scanning companies charge on a per page basis making it difficult to anticipate the cost of a project. The founders of Eco Papyrus believe that customers should know the exact amount of money they are spending up front. The Eco Papyrus model allows this predictability in addition to providing lower cost that their competitors.


Unique Process


Eco Papyrus charges a fixed fee per box no matter how many documents you can fit in our standard box (12 x 15 x 10). With Eco Papyrus your data is safe, secure, and protected by our 256-bit SSL encryption. We provide document scanning conversion and data capture using document recognition technologies that save time and money for our clients. Eco Papyrus uses digital paper management technologies to efficiently capture, translate, and transform information into accessible and useful knowledge.